Dear Apple,

For years, Rich Communication Services (RCS for short) has become standard on Android and even other kinds of devices, too. Over 500 manufacturers have lobbied together to make it work across devices. And they’ve done so successfully, with now over 500 million active users. RCS sports end-to-end encryption for 1:1 conversations, reactions, high-quality image and video sharing, the ability to leave group chats, and many other enhancements that make it a worthy successor to SMS and MMS. Not to mention, the colors that the Messages app on iOS uses to symbolize SMS messages goes against Apple’s own Human Interface Guidelines and is very difficult to read.

It has been a thorn in the Android community’s side for YEARS to try and organize group chats with various types of devices. They break, and it’s always blamed on Android users when it’s not their fault. This sort of thing… it’s unacceptable in 2022. In the 90s and early 00s? Sure. But in 2022, it’s anti-consumer, and it’s time for Apple to step up, move forward, get with the times, and enable RCS for all their users.

So, please, on behalf of all the non-Apple device users out there: Would you please add RCS support?

Made by Slade Rice Watkins.