Dear Nintendo,

The names displayed below this letter are frustrated by your recent announcement to close the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShop storefronts as, when doing so, you will wipe thousands of games from being accessible and make your own back catalog inaccessible (even to those willing to pay you for it.) In light of this, we ask you to do the following:

  1. preserve your games and online services for years to come for future generations to experience;
  2. commit to being better in the digital era, playing fairly, and not creating arbitrary or unenforceable rules such as the social media restrictions you laid out for the Nintendo Switch Sports playtest.
  3. commit to leaving all of your current and future storefronts up perpetually, or until your company goes out of business, whichever comes first. Other companies like Sony and Microsoft are doing it, so you certainly can. There’s no excuse.
  4. and most importantly: reverse your decision on the closure of the storefronts and the impending erasure of over a thousand games.

We feel it is unfair to have a regular asking price of $60 USD for a game digitally that could be inaccessible in a few years because the storefront no longer exists. We feel it is even more unfair to continue creating paywalls to access a small number of legacy console games.

Despite your efforts being in “good faith” by your team, they only encourage piracy to become more rampant. Lawsuits cost money, and at some point, you will have to at least consider other economical options anyway.


Slade Watkins ✅
Creator of this website. Hopeful for change.

Tigstahh ✅
Make playtests streamable! It’s basically free promotion!

Gavin Lutris ✅
I want to see the services continue. I am glad to see other people who want to see it continue.

Discord: CubeyTheWorst#1604 • YouTube: CubeyTheWorst
They can’t take away what we love the most. 

Andrew Irgens-Moller

I have always been a fan of yours but its time to honor the people who ultimately keep you in business Nintendo. We care so you should too.


This website will remain up until the end of the internet. As of March 2023, signatures are no longer accepted.
Thank you to everyone who signed the Open Letter and made this possible.